Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Year End Review

At age 5 ½ she’s still Mom & Dad’s little sweetheart.  She finally reached the growth chart at her 5-year check-up.  In June she finished her second year of Preschool with Miss Amanda.  I cut back from helping in the class both days she attended to just one of the three days for her Pre K class.  The adjustment was difficult at first, but an important step toward leaving Mom 5 days a week at kindergarten.  After a quick summer break, she started Kindergarten in August.  She’s flying through reading levels and is quick with numbers too.   

At the end of every day we all laugh about what Aeris did that was funny.  Our favorite was the day a substitute bus driver stopped to pick her up in a substitute bus.  She took one look at the unfamiliar bus and old driver and ran the other way saying, “That’s not Mike and that’s not my bus.  I’m NOT getting on.”  There’s no changing her made-up mind.  She gave us a scare when she reacted to a cashew nut this summer even though she'd been allergy tested two years ago.  After another round of allergy testing, we are now carrying epi pens and keeping tree nuts out of the house.

We started off an exciting year by celebrating his second real birthday on February 29th (eight years old!) and then a baptism two days later.  He also joined the cub scouts!  In April he raced his first pinewood derby car, proudly named "Back to the Future."

He’s another comedian in our household and at school.  He has no shortage of friends and no shortage of talents.  He continues to do tricks on his bike, played soccer in the spring, loves gymnastics and has started piano lessons.  His third grade teacher expects much responsibility.  It’s hard for him to focus on schoolwork when he’d rather be playing, but he’s made amazing progress in his reading and math.  He participates in the school choir.  Everyone laughed when he announced at the Christmas concert that he loves Santa Claus "because he brings stuff we don't want but we like."  Hmmm.

She’s in her last year of elementary school as a 6th grader, counting the days until she can claim to be a middle school student.  In September she turned 12 and left primary behind to be a part of the YW organization at church.  She worked with a private swim coach during her summer break at our pool and made it onto the rec. center swim team in August.  She keeps busy with practices three days a week and meets once a month.  The breaststroke is her favorite swimstroke.   

She spends her free time reading books by the dozen and playing the piano.  We increased her practice time by putting a full-sized electronic piano into her room.  She played her 7th soccer season in the spring and took tennis lessons in the summer.She sings in the school choir.

Jaynan & Nate

We celebrated 16 years of marriage on our anniversary in July!

We started out the year with a trip to NYC!  It was our first time in the city and our first time leaving the kids at friends’ houses for so long!  We saw Wicked on Broadway and spent the Chinese New Year in Chinatown.  The view from floor 102 of the Empire State Building was phenomenal!  We nearly lost our way in the Met and the giant Macys store and had the chance to play the BIG piano at FAO Scwartz.  Our time at Ground Zero was heart wrenching.  I’d love to go back when the construction is complete.  The memorials are awesome.

I volunteer my time as a cub scout den mother and as the UFMC historian/newsletter specialist and the Secretary/Treasurer for the Riverton Area of the NFMC.  28 piano students fill our home with beautiful music all week.  How lucky we are!

Nate works hard 5 days a week at Fidelity Investments.  It’s not a job that he loves, but he thrives at nonetheless.  He made a move from their American Fork location back down to the Gateway.  The commute is long, but made easier by the new Frontrunner train opened this month by UTA.

We made some home improvements this year.  I finished my garden this fall just before the snow.  I can’t wait for planting season!  The boxes are beautiful and with the soft soil the plants will thrive.  I’m sure the harvest will be bountiful.  We finished the theater, bar, and game room in the basement.  We put in all the flooring and will put in cabinetry this spring.  We are so grateful for the friends and family who have helped us with these projects!  (You know who you are!)
Mellco Landscape put in the Rock steps.

Bar area, before carpet installation  Game room & half bathroom are beyond the tile.

The theater
We have the 50 inch plasma wall-mounted for TV and use the projector and 100 inch electric screen exclusively for movies.  We have 7.1 surround sound.
Beyond the hallway is a set of double doors leading to the storage room, two bedrooms that we finished last year, and full bathroom (photos upcoming when the cabinets are in!).

2012 has been a great year!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Photos 2011

Jade - eleven

Logan - seven

Aeris - four

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Catch-Up


Jade's 11th B-Day

A new chandelier for her room adds the finishing touch.


Celebrating TWO years in our new home!

Making brew at Nani's Halloween party. An annual tradition!

Jade, Me, & Nate's beautiful mother at the Witchapalooza dinner show, The Taming of the Brew. The food was fantastic and the show was absolutely hilarious! What a fun Girl's Night Out!

Cheerleader Aeris posing with her "scary face" pumpkin. We're SO glad it was warm enough for this costume.

Draco Malfoy, AKA Logan. He felt the need to fully get into the role, so the lack of smile is no indicator of his excitemen.

He had a total blast trick-or-treating with his friend Harry Potter, AKA Braden.

Jade, "Luna Lovegood" and her happy faced pumpkin.

Jade and her colorful trick-or-treating buddies.


Logan's crazy hair the day after Halloween. He'd been begging to be shaved completely bald. We put it off so he'd better pull off the Malfoy costume. As soon as that was over, his hair went too.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Photos

I look forward to taking photos of the kids every Easter. I'm not sure they quite feel the same, but the above shots don't show it. Beautiful kids on a beautiful spring day! You can't beat that!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm behind...

You know it's been too long when I look at my blogroll and find that practically everyone has updated their blog several times since my last post. Yes. Life has been busy, so once again this is a post that will be mostly photo evidence of what's new with us. The first of that news is our basement bedrooms project. We're thrilled to be past the dusty messy sheetrock phase, though we aren't finished with the clean-up of that yet. That will take YEARS. Closet shelves, doors, casings, and baseboards are on the schedule for Saturday.

There will be double doors here, separating the living section of the basement from the entertainment section. It will also close off the cold right now since we're not finishing the entertainment area yet. To the right is the staircase, hallway leading to the utility room, and door to the storage room. Through the double doors to the left is the doorway to Jade's bedroom and the bathroom. Aeris's room is the one straight ahead.

This is Jade's bedroom. The light from the window makes the photo a little dark, but she has a cool shelf on both sides of the window and a set of spot lights on the wall that will be over her bed.

Deep bathroom with lots of space for our girls to primp.

Aeris's future bedroom. We'll wait at least a year before moving her down.

View of the doorway to Aeris's room. She'll have a built-it desk in the corner by the door.

This is the view from Aeris's room down the hallway and into the entertainment space.

In other news, Logan celebrated his birthday on the 28th again this year. He loves football, so we invited 10 of his friends over for spring training. Coach Nate led them in calisthenics, hits, throwing, receiving, and the ever-important touchdown dance.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Mom and Dad, this is for you!


Trip to Pumpkinland.

Seeing the witches at Gardner Village.

Making brew at preschool.


Ready to brave the rain on trick-or-treat night.

Thanksgiving feast at preschool.


Christmas morning happiness.